Steam Exchange

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved in the Steam Exchange. Between after school classes, workshops, events,  community projects, and fixing up our building, we are always in need of volunteers and donations. If you would like to volunteer, send us a message. If you would like to donate, check out how you can support us below. 


The Steam Exchange is working diligently to open their permanent location at 714 S. Clay St. But, renovating a former liquor store does not come without cost. We have made amazing strides in fixing the building with help from numerous volunteers, organizations and companies. So far, with the help of others, we have added a new roof, gutted the building, removed old electrical, gotten a new sidewalk, painted 2 murals, painted the exterior of the building, cleaned up 50 years of piled trash, installed a new HVAC, added a garage door and a new window, added artful window security bars, renovated the bathroom, and redid the floors. We have filled up 2 dumpsters, and have had over 100 volunteers helping us. Thank you to all of you who have supported us!

What your money will support

  • $10 Donation buys snack for the kids during 1 class period.
  • $25 Donation buys material for 1 youth to participate in an after school class for 8 weeks.
  • $50 Donation pays for 
  • $100 Donation will pay half of our utilities for a month, allowing us to open our building to programming.
  • $500 Donation will allow us to purchase the paint for a community mural project.
  • $1000 Donation will allow us to purchase screen printing equipment, which will in turn allow us to become more self sustaining.
  • $5000 Donation pays to completely run an after school programs for one semester.

How to Donate

Thank you for your donation! We are in the middle of a fundraising campaign through an Artsmatch grant from Fund For the Arts. Each dollar donated will be generously matched dollar for dollar by LG&E. Click HERE to donate!

We are happy to give you a donation letter if you would like it for tax purchases.

* Don't want to donate money? Consider donating art supplies, grocery gift cards, or building supplies. Material support is much needed as well!

A HUGE thank you to the following individuals, organizations, & companies

Metro Housing Authority, Youthbuild Louisville, Kertis Creative, Howell & Howell, United Auto Workers, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, External Agency Fund, Norton Foundation, John & Robin Horn Foundation, Kentucky Foundation for Women, IDEASXlab, Cunningham Overhead Doors, Republic Bank and Trust, Metro united Way, Joe Phelps, David Clemmons and Mia Hall, BJB Restoration, Mark McQuillien, Birkhead, Sherwin Williams, Niel Tingle, Bailey Tools, Josh Mauser, Bailey West, Greta Landenwich, Andy & Barb Qualls, Marc Debbaudt, Martha Kannapell, Dave Kannapell, Rosalie & Gary Mauser, Alan Mauser, Thelma Bichir, Linden Qualls, Vera Trainer, Sean Childress, Julia Kannapell, AutoMotion

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